This picture ^^^ is a stock photo- I didn’t take this. 
One day, soon, I will replace it with one of my own. I was just talking with a friend of mine about getting an old trunk, actually. 

You are probably wondering what an old, musty trunk has anything to do with Stickless Lolliglass. 
Well, an old, musty trunk was the genesis of lolliglass, actually. 
I had the good fortune of visiting Chinatown once upon my youth. When one is in Chinatown, one simply must stop for tea, of course. I wish to god I could remember the restaurant where this happened to me, but I didn’t realize the significance of it until much later.
I ordered Jasmine Tea.
Someone is bound to be able to catch me up and tell me exactly what kind I was served. If nothing else, it tasted extremely authentic- like something that any American really would not be used to. In fact, probably most Americans would have spit it across the table. 
It didn’t even taste like tea.
It completely tasted like- you guessed it- an old, musty trunk in a dusty attic, somewhere across the ocean where I have never been, with the sunlight streaming in through the old, ventilation window. 

I was never a monied person, especially in those times, but I shook out my change to buy a canister of this Jasmine tea, which I kept in my freezer and coveted by the small cupful until I ran out well past its expiration date.
This seemingly nasty tea meant that I could go back to that attic any time I da*n well pleased! No matter what hole or ditch I was stuck in, it offered a calm and peacefulness that was most welcome!
It wasn’t the food, it was the imagination that the food brought! It came with it a manufactured memory that was more than just drinking some normal cup of tea.
I suppose that was my strongest memory of being whisked away by a flavor.
Since then, I have been downright obsessed by edibles that stir the imagination; combinations that aren’t quite what one would expect them to be.

A great predominance of you who come to read this post have, undoubtedly, already sampled the humble beginnings of my efforts. I am not really certain where this is going, but my mind has within it the taste of Daisies, The Color Blue, Sunshine, War, Gun Metal, 1970s Couch…
I will let you know what comes about as it unfolds.

So far, they are coming to you as rocks. 
That’s kind of a shame. They have to be dusted since the slightest amount of condensation will cause them to weld together. When they are first poured, they are glowing, colorful and, shimmery. My Crow spirit animal gets mesmerized by the sheets before I crack them.

These candies are not for sale… not yet, at least.
I’m just making them at home to give away to people I like… plus, they usually come with a business card, which is free as well. This is a very Leo thing to do. 

We do make peanut butter sandwiches in this kitchen, and saute up some shell fish in it from time to time. So far, though, I haven’t been inclined to make shrimp lolliglass. Though, now that I’ve mentioned it….