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My Art Scanner down at the Art Warehouse names these paintings. He says they are easier than "DSC00057edt.edit.edit", which is what he has to deal with a lot of the time. I feel like I should rename this one "Shipwreck", though I am afraid that I will actually be painting a shipwreck before too long. It seems like something that I would paint.
I really didn’t mean to even go to the beach that night. It comes down to choosing a direction at the stop light, and, then, a chain reaction of decisions leads to camping off of NC 12. Might as well weave through the dunes (on a legitimate path, of course- I am eco-minded) to bask in the night spray while I’m here, even though electrical storms are all around (I am also, of course, stupid-minded). If I stay back and hunker down, maybe this piece of grass will get struck, instead.
But, no… magnificent, unworldly night! The lightening buzzed all around the horizon in every direction. But, over my head was a pure skylight to the stars! It stayed that way for the entire evening. I have had many incidents of Outer Banks magic, and many weird happenings down there, as well (front row seat to some Bermuda Triangle kind of action).
Shipwrecks aren’t always how they are pictured in Peter Pan. Usually, you will see a shape of rust spearing skyward from the waves, or some such art deco/abstract work of the sea. Mix that with dreams I’ve often had of fantastic plant life whose flowers light up like festival lights at night from the ambient electric of distant storms…

• 10 mil thick
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• Fingerprint resistant

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