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One time, Jebediah came up with this big idea that we’d leave out from in front of our house in Tennessee at the exact minute of dawn on the longest day of the year and drive west until the exact moment of sunset, just to see how far we could get.
We made it to Amarillo…
Western skies! Ravens! Our friend found a lizard out in the canyon before the AC went out in the car and we had to drive back through the desert in 109 degree temperatures and a dust storm so we couldn’t roll the windows down. We had planned to camp in the grasslands on our now night designated return, but were herded into a hotel in the path of a tornado-warned panhandle storm that juuuust didn’t produce. Don’t get me wrong: that storm ROCKED, even without the twister! Half of it sucked very badly, and half of it was absolutely spectacular! But, let’s face it: that’s adventure for you! There is a piece of my heart in Texas, for sure! Maybe we’ll start a pilgrimage- a Transient’s Convention. Take a copy of this painting with you to always remind you- this is out there! This really is out there!

As an aside- our friend is a real trooper. Being that we didn’t even know where we were going to end up, we just told her to take 4 days off and show up, ready for the possibility to camp, and she just shrugged and showed up, completely uninformed and down for anything. That’s cool! I don’t know if I’M even that cool!

• 10 mil thick
• Slightly glossy
• Fingerprint resistant

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