Some Other projects from days past

Medusa Vase -raku
Sunset Mural
That time Troy and I messed with Fiberglass
...and then he got up and threw it in the river
The Haunting of some old, boring interior/closet doors
I donated paint to a haunted house because I could see that they could use it... and then Troy said "Okay, go do something".Okaaayyy... So, I did this... and then couldn't stay out of the place!
Montessori School- with a very serious time crunch
Another detail of the Montessori School
Tanning Salon Bathroom
She rigged it to make jungle sounds when you came in through the door.
A co-worker had me paint the fly on his sign. Well, I painted the sign, too, but the fly was the point of interest, here.
The problem with murals is that, sometimes, they tear buildings down.
Custom job on a support pole in someone's basement. They gave me a list of things that they liked and told me to go to town.
Fly Fishing Detail