We go to Conventions!

This dude ^^^ was at Mysticon where we caught up with her. “The Color of Mud” brought her, and I’ve heard that she’s been making the rounds. 

Man, conventions are fun! They are also exhausting, super informative, a nice respite from reality…

I think this may be my favorite thing about cons: it’s a gateway where anything that can exist in your mind (within the boundaries of the law) integrates into the normal and routine. This has possibly been the poison to the average world that I need to make me like living in it… at least a little bit.

Hmmm. I hang around with my hand on my hip a lot.
These were taken at Mysticon. I guess I jumped on these pictures because we just got back from it as I write this. I used to go to these all the time and it’s taken me the last ten years to get back around to it. 
I have to give a shout-out to my buddy, Jason, for getting me to go the first round of it that I was fortunate to have in my life. He isn’t with us any longer, but he used to go with me to these things. I had almost forgotten about that until Jeb and I were in an elevator with Spiderman and Obi Wan and it hit me that he was missing. 

This really wasn’t supposed to be about this, but I might as well put him here. He’s the tall one with the beard. Family, he was. And, no shit- he had parting words for all of us, which is both creepy and something that each of us who received them have enacted in our lives with the result of massive and damn near total transformation. It is not for me to tell what others were given, but mine was a clear instruction to paint again. 
He said that he liked my pottery (we met in a pottery class back when we were teenagers), and my cooking and my landscaping- he listed off some other things. But, he said that, of all of them, the paintings “made him smile”. 

And, then he was gone….

Yeah, it was pretty much that mystical. 

Just like The Eye (https://slate.com/culture/2015/07/regrettable-superheroes-the-eye-was-the-most-literal-superhero-in-comic-book-history.html), he showed up, told us what to do (“and we better do it because he’s a giant, disembodied eye” -the guy on the Weird Superhero panel that I can’t get over because that panel- and that particular superhero- has had THAT much of an impact on me), and then split.
He (Jason, not The Eye) gave Jebediah a hefty thumbs-up before he left, too. 

Jebediah just brought me breakfast, so I don’t think Jason was wrong about that, either. 🙂

I’m doing what he says. Part of me wonders if I am doing what he says in an effort to summon his ghost. It sure wouldn’t hurt my feelings if he showed up. I don’t think it’s him, but some weird things have been starting up around the house in the last couple of weeks. Two years in this house and in this town with nary a blip of weird activity, and it starts now? I think I can only pick up on it if I am painting. It does require a whole different headspace. Not only that, but I lose, resoundingly, to my natural sleep cycle, which is an aggravating 3 AM til noon.  It’s hardly a functional cycle. This means that I have to leap out of bed and run to do errands out in the world if I need to, and it takes most of my day for my engine to warm up. Seems I’m only finally wide awake around 10:00 at night. There is such an unworldly action upon me that I have to think that he was right: this is what I am supposed to be doing. 

Well, all of that, and then Jebediah swooped up from behind and made it happen. 

God, Jebediah saved me from a literal, yet Terribly epic death. That is a scary story for another time. Too much is behind getting me right to this point in time; I have to see it through. And, now, this post has gotten completely away from me, and traced the channel of my life, backwards. 

Hell, I’ll throw in one from last month: Chattacon. Only, this dude wasn’t in convention drag: he’s one of the doormen for the Reid House. He’s this dapper ALL the time! And seriously a cool dude!

Whooo- THAT con had the DIGS!!! Thank god, it was close enough for us to commute, though we would have rather not. $200 a night up in this piece! Prince and Oprah stayed there at various times. I could see why! There was a silver gilded ballroom and everything there was nice to the hilt! It was an excellent con, too! I’m looking forward to next year!