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WE THE PEOPLE... or other

The Eclipse.

Let me take this all the way back to Lenoir City on August 21st, in the year of 2017. Wise Men and Soothsayers say that such a powerful celestial event is the bodement of the Doorway of Change. 

Yes, that.

The massive ending of something… which is, of course, the same degree of a beginning of something else. The two of us had just run, hand in hand, up out of the tar pit of our lives, landing in the quaint little Route 11 town of Lenoir City, Tennessee. 

First of all, just try to up and move and see just how much that is eclipse energy, to begin with. “… crossing a bridge over which you can never go back.” I can’t remember who said that- I read it somewhere (and will surely cite my sources the moment I discover what they were). We showed up here with all of the sickness and hell-scorch that embattled souls could drag with themselves. We had come for healing.

…and then the eclipse hit.

We had found ourselves directly in the path of it; standing as like within a church, clustered with most of our Dearest, and surrounded by Marigolds and big, white pumpkins, the baptism of the shadow of the moon searing away the layers of heart sludge, a Sisyphus-load of burdens, and mildewed sorrows, until we were reduced to the basic seed of our persons. Then, the seed coats cracked. 

No matter from whence we hail, we shall always be from Lenoir City. That is the start of us. Lenoir City sustained an F2 tornado that took out several blocks back in 1993 that killed one person. In 1998, a fire took out an entire city block (you can kind of tell which one on Broadway), thanks due to a shared attic system. But, before all of that, the first history of Lenoir City that is known comes down from the Cherokee people who didn’t want anything to do with the area because there was a big snake that lived there that caused calamity if anyone ever even laid eyes upon it. That’s a respectable history, I think.

Ingrid- the Demon of Lenoir

Most of the content of this website is my fault.
I like warm, sunny days, puppies, and reading stories that end with “…and they all lived happily ever after”.

No, I don’t.

I am Slytherin. ENFP. Leo (but prefer my Sagittarius rising sign, honestly).

Math, Money, and Muscle

Not to be underestimated, this man saved my life… and that of a few other people, though they don’t really know it. If it weren’t for this man, we would never be getting any oil out of that snake. 

He is Hufflepuff. Cat Whisperer. Bulls**t Optimist. Virgo. 

*Correction: Doctor Jebediah says that he is no longer a “Bulls**t Optimist- that he has changed. I guess everything sucks now. He needs to go back to the way he was because I need some balance. 

This dummy isn’t even our cat.