2-1-2019 The Ending and the Beginning

I didn’t have a camera that could take a picture of the eclipse at the time. I probably still don’t. So, I think it’s fitting to put a picture of one of our dearest friends on here, instead, that was taken on that fateful day. After all, he brought the solar monocle~ our science fanatic friend who rolls out to watch the rocket launches and who loves NASA. Yeah, he kind of deserves this place. 

I touched on the whole deal about the meaning of the Eclipse of 2017 in the We The People page about us, but I really don’t feel right talking about another subject with this being the very first blog post of this site. It all went down in 2017. But, here it is, 2019, and we have finally gotten to this point. 

If you haven’t ever been through a total eclipse, I highly recommend it. There is nothing that I am going to be able to tell you about it that is really going to quite cover that feeling. Of course, there are people who aren’t sensitive to much and might shrug it off. Good on them! We are not those people.

It was a hot-a$$ day in August when this thing went down. We experienced it from our back yard in Lenoir City, with a group of deeply loved individuals who I still feel honored to have spent the last moments of life as I had known it with. It’s been a drastically different existence for us ever since then!

When the sun is completely behind the moon, sunset and sunrise coincide around the horizon at all sides. I think it was Jupiter and… venus (?) (someone correct me if I am wrong- there were two of them, and I know that one of them was Jupiter) that shown, brightly, as if it had really turned to night. That burning day dropped to a blessed coolness. They claim that it drops 10 degrees. I believe it. 

The birds went quiet

The cicadas screamed in a synchronized droning. 

The neighborhood here is pretty quiet. To be honest, I have always wondered why anyone even had porches or grills out- figuring that they must be for show just to look normal. Friday and Saturday night is far and away from the boisterousness of the chicken coop from Loony tunes.

We thought we were alone. 

But, then, to our northeast, a group of people started screaming!

And, then, so did another group to our southeast!

And, then to our West!

We weren’t alone at all! But, we realized that they were right- so WE started screaming! 

Most of us took an immediate nap for several hours upon the return of the sun and the heat. 

That’s a very curious thing to me, actually. For whatever you may or may not believe, it could really be seen as that this void of light drew out every part of our energies that was not anchored solidly within us, and we had to reabsorb our inner stuffings from this time and place that we had found ourselves. 

There’s another Eclipse coming through in 2024. It isn’t going to be right over top of our domain, but nearby enough to deserve a pilgrimage. I am going to be very careful about the situation that I find myself in when that happens.