Let the Fever Dreams commence



Shirts now in!!! Come check them out!

Christina Fiction

New project! I will be teaming up with a Louisville, Kentucky author! I love her writing! Completely bloody, demonic, and dark! It’s fabulous! I’m going to be taking up the Wonder Pencil for this one~ new foray!

Check it out~BI-WEEKLY~


Wow! I am honored!


I got to see a picture of this trophy when it arrived at the con and I felt so jealous of whoever was going to be taking it home because it is really so perfectly cool! I had no idea that it was going to be ME taking it home!!! 

There are so many honors here! Firstly, I won it out of a pot of seriously worthy contenders! This was a fantastic art show to both participate in and as an attendee. I already felt fortunate just to be showing with these artists! Secondly, I think that winning it for Horror/Dark Fantasy is a personal mark that I cherish over Best in Show, even! This category has my heart. And Thirdly, I found out that this trophy was made by Scott Webb, whose work makes me insanely happy!


Thank you, Conglomeration! For this (and some other really awesome things that went down)

For some awesome people that I got to meet
For some awesome things that I got to learn about that I am going to apply toward changing the face of my work
And for offering the forum to let all of these different creative types to come together and let their freak flags fly!

Island Fire was the work that garnered the honor!

Click the image to order a high-luster photo copy, or a shirt to go stylin in your own little piece of it!

And, now… the busiest show season of the year has just rolled over me (no! Slow down! It’s going too fast!), and it is time to take a breather and start immersing in some new work to bring you a new experience for next time! 
Our next show will be in a couple of months- and our first Tabling experience since we’ve been back on the road! I’m really looking forward to it~ Tabling is a hoot! 




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